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Letter for the King

Original title: De Brief voor de Koning
German title: Der Brief für den König
106 min
Junior Film
Germany, Netherlands
from 11 years
Direction: Pieter Verhoeff
Script: Maarten Lebens, Pieter Verhoeff, based on the book by Tonke Dragt
Cast: Yannick van de Velde, Uwe Ochsenknecht, Derek de Lint, Daan Schuurmans, Lars Rudolph


2008 | Junior Film

Additional Information
Jules van den Steenhoven
Bart van den Broek
Paul M. van Brugge

Turi bravely practises duels. Soon, the 16-year-old squire will be dubbed a knight. But before that, he and the other candidates will have to pass a test. Turi awaits the vigil in church with mixed feelings. The prospective knights are not allowed to speak, eat or drink. Actually, this is all not very difficult. But then in the middle of the night somebody is knocking on the church door. Despite all warnings by the others, Turi opens the door and breaks his silence. He just cannot help it because in his opinion, only a person in dispair would knock on a church door. Outside Turi is confronted with a ghastly sight - the severely injured and dying knight Edwinem. Before the latter closes his eyes for ever, he passes the squire a letter to the king of Unauwen containing a message of how the people of Unauwen can be protected from a major disaster. But the young squire does not know this. Without hesitating, Turi takes Edwinem’s horse and his signet ring and sets off into the neighbouring country. On his way he meets unexpected assistance. Young Piak becomes Turi’s faithful companion. But they do not travel alone. The Red Riders with their leader Slupor are on their trail in order to steel the secret message to the king from Turi.

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