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XTC - Just Don't Do It

Original title: Afblijven
German title: XTC - tu's nicht!
104 min
Youth Film
from 14 years
2007 | German Premiere
Direction: Maria Peters
Script: Maria Peters
Cast: Sem Veeger, Matthijs van de Sande Bakhuyzen, Tommie Venneker, Tessa Schram, Juliann Ubbergen, Melody Klaver


2007 | Youth Film

Additional Information
Hein Groot
Ot Louw
Fred Vogels, Maarten Spruijt

Melissa loves hip-hop. Every day she goes to her training. Her parents know about their daughter’s dance passion. However they believe she goes to ballet classes. Background dancers are needed for a music video. Melissa absolutely wants to dance in this clip. She arranges to meet a classmate. But the latter also wants to perform in this video clip and stands her up. Melissa is annoyed and the casting nearly finished. She calls Jordi. They attend high school together. While Jordi is head over heels in love with Melissa, she only sees a good friend in him. And as a friend he naturally helps her out of a fix. Melissa gets the part. From now she likes to be surrounded by the video clip musicians and producers. And she gets to know Jim. They work together and celebrate till late in the night. Melissa always has to be on the ball and keep herself up. Jim persuades her to take a small pill. But this first pill is just the beginning. Jordi has to stand by and watch how Melissa is changing and her life is thrown out of joint. No matter what he does. Melissa withdraws herself from him and lives in her new world. A young girl dies after a drug party. Many others are admitted to hospital. So is Melissa.

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