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Quest for a Heart - Rolly and Elf: Incredible Adventures

Original title: Röllin sydän - Rolli i Elf: Neworojatnyie prikljutschenija
German title: Rölli und die Elfen
76 min
Children´s Film
Germany, Finland, UK, Russia
from 6 years
2008 | German Premiere
Direction: Andrei Ignatenko, Pekka Lehtosaari
Script: Pekka Lehtosaari, nach einer Idee von Allu Tuppurainen


2008 | Children´s Film

Additional Information
Andrei Smirnow
Aleksi Raij
Tuomas Kantelinen, Igor Shurawljow

Roelli is a troll like many others. He lives in Rollivillage in the middle of the forest. He is full of mean tricks, creates unrest and chaos. And as a real troll, he naturally hates bathing and kissing. The elves are quite different, among them the elf girl Milli. She enjoys the beautiful things of life. She likes flowers and loves peace. And she is incredibly clean. Trolls and elves live more or less harmoniously, side by side in the woods. One day an evil curse threatens their homes. As a strong and fearless troll, Roelli wants to participate in the search for the “magic heart“, the only means to avert the curse. What Roelli does not know: he has to look for the heart together with Milli because the curse can only be converted if trolls and elves find it jointly. Initially nothing seems to work. Again and again Roelli and Milli have arguments. But if their home is not to be transformed into a stone desert, they must work together. A huge challenge for both, because the forest begins to transform into stone piece by piece.

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