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Hands Off Mississippi

Original title: Hände weg von Mississippi
German title: Hände weg von Mississippi
100 min
German Focus
from 8 years
Highly Recommended
Direction: Detlev Buck
Script: Maggie Peren, Stefan Schaller
Cast: Katharina Thalbach, Christoph Maria Herbst, Milan Peschel, Fritzi Haberland, Zoë Charlotte Mannhardt


2007 | German Focus

Additional Information
Arabisch (UT), Deutsch (UT), Dari (UT)
Jana Marsik
Dirk Grau
Charlotte Goltermann
Boje Buck Produktion

Ten-year-old Emma is happy. Six weeks summer holidays in the country, with granny Dolly and her many animals. The girl looks forward to this stay each year. When Emma finally arrives in the small place, it is like always. The grandmother’s neighbours are as pleased to see the summer guest as grandmother herself. After the first pleasure Emma learns that there is a change nevertheless, a very sad one. Old Klipperbusch is dead. What is to become of his mare Mississippi? When Emma appears on Klipperbusch’s property, the horse is just dragged into the horse knacker’s transporter. Albert Gansmann, Klipperbusch’s nephew, wants to turn his inheritance into money as soon possible. Emma persuades granny Dolly to buy the horse. And now Mississippi belongs to the girl. But suddenly Gansmann is standing in the doorway and wants the horse back. But why? Neither Emma nor Dolly believes that he has suddenly become fond of animals. So there must be must something else behind it. Gansmann brings up the big guns. He engages a lawyer. But with some cunning and a due portion of courage and determination grandmother and granddaughter hammer out a perfect plan for Mississippi’s final rescue.


"Zweifellos ist dies die bislang beste Umsetzung eines Romans von Bestsellerautorin Cornelia Funke (‚Herr der Diebe‘). Regisseur Detlev Buck schuf ein nostalgisches Werk im Stile der Astrid-Lindgren-Verfilmungen, in dem vor allem Christoph Maria Herbst als fieser Finstermann glänzen darf.“ ( , o.V.

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