25th International Film Festival

for Children and Young Audience

10 – 17 OCT 2020

The Red Robin

Original title: Sineh Sorkh
German title: Bluthänfling
81 min
Youth Film
Iran (Islamic Republic of)
from 12 years
2006 | International Premiere
Direction: Parviz Sheikhtadi
Script: Parviz Sheikhtadi
Cast: Sepideh Golchin, Mohammad Reza Davoud-Nezhad, Reza Safaipour, Yousef Moradian


2006 | Youth Film

Additional Information
Sirous Abdoli
Shahrzad Pouya
Alireza Kohan-Dairi

Aliyar lives in a mountain village. Because his friend Gholam Hossein frightens him over and over again, he wants to give him an apprenticeship. With a sheet ghost he expects him on a narrow path, along it Gholam rides. And then it happens: The mule shies, the boy overthrows the mountain down and appears to be dead. Aliyar doesn't tell anybody something about the accident, but he wants to bring him back to life again. During Gholam's mother already cries about her son, Aliyar desperately is looking for help in the village. However, who could help him? The doctor or God? And if that, who? The God of the Christians or that of the Muslims? The film analyze huge ethic and religious problems through child's eyes. The Red Robin (Linnet) is a rare bird with a big red stain on his head.