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Crash Road

Original title: Crash Road
German title: Crash Road
88 min
Youth Film
Czech Republic
from 16 years
2007 | World Premiere
Direction: Krystof Hanzlík
Script: Krystof Hanzlik
Cast: Pavla Tomicova, Agáta Hanychová, Bohdan Tůma, Kryštof Hádek, Radek Kuchař


2007 | Youth Film

Additional Information
Vladimír Křepelka
Krystof Hanzlik, David Šrám, Radek Kudeln
Marek Štifter, Peter Binder, Andrew (Gruppe „Landing Strip”) John

Veronika grew up in a broken home. Her mother drinks and the father, an alcoholic as well, hit his daughter. In a drunken stupor he fell off the roof. Veronika was up there as well. She was driven by her longing for being able to fly and escaping from this hell. For the police, however, the question arises: Was it an accident or did she help a little? From now on Veronika has to register regularly. At home nothing changes. Her mother continues to drink and so do her constantly changing boyfriends. Right after her graduation Veronika sets out searching for good humans. Her shining example is her grandmother who she has always had a very intimate relationship with. On her journey Veronika becomes acquainted with many different types of people. But you cannot tell people’s opinions just by looking at them. First impressions are often deceptive. Thus Veronika works her way along life bit by bit, always accompanied by her unrestrained longing for flying as an epitome of liberty and security.

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