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Get Up

Original title: Get Up
German title: Get Up
92 min
German Focus
from 13 years
2023 | Chemnitz Festival Premiere
Direction: Lea Becker


2023 | German Focus

Additional Information

FSK: 6

The twins Alex and Juli are inseparable and yet fundamentally different. Juli has passed her A-levels with top marks and wants to start an archaeology internship in London after the summer. Alex, on the other hand, failed her exam and has no real plan except skating. Her adventurous friend Ewa also just wants to chill out this summer and spend all her free time at the skate park. When Alex hears about a skate contest for young women in Cologne, she persuades Juli and Ewa to apply for it. But they have to be a crew of four to qualify for the event. Luckily, Ewa has just met likeable Nia, who is a complete beginner on the skateboard and, as a saxophone player, she also has to be careful not to hurt herself. But for Ewa’s sake, she trains bravely and acquires a liking for this sport. When a really successful promo video is produced and they make it into the pre-selection, the problems suddenly begin. It’s getting serious for the four skater girls. They have to decide what they really want in life and how they feel about each other.


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