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Too Old for Fairy Tales

Original title: Za duży na bajki
German title: Wer glaubt denn noch an Märchen?
103 min
Junior Film
from 11 years
Direction: Kristoffer Rus


2022 | Junior Film

Additional Information

Waldek is a passionate gamer and a spoilt mummy’s boy. Together with his two friends, he is preparing for an important gaming tournament as the “Three Kings”. But then Waldek’s mother Teresca has to go to hospital, supposedly for some tests, and his weird aunt Mariolka moves in to take care of him. This simply means: Waldek has to help around the house and walk to school, he has to eat healthily and do sports to lose weight. There is little time left for playing on the computer. That is why one of the “Three Kings” resigns from the team. Both enraged and desperate, Waldek runs away from home at night and sneaks into the hospital. He wants to tell his mother his troubles, but he discovers that she has lied and is in fact suffering from cancer. Now Waldek has no choice but to take his life into his own hands. He must find a new third king, train for the tournament at night and, above all, come to terms with aunt Mariolka.

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