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The Goose Princess

Original title: Die Gänseprinzessin
German title: Die Gänseprinzessin
60 min
German Focus
from 8 years
2022 | World Premiere
Direction: Frank Stoye


2022 | German Focus

Additional Information

Princess Polly’s brother has been missing for many years. Since then, the whole country has been in mourning. The king can no longer bear any laughter after the disappearance of his son. Polly especially suffers from this situation, as she loves telling jokes, cheering people up and making them laugh. When she triggers a fit of laughter among all those present during the annual funeral service, a quarrel breaks out, and she disappears from the court. Polly is allowed to go into hiding with a magical old woman. Meanwhile, adventurer Leif is travelling through the kingdom and manages to rescue resistance fighter Hagen, who is about to be arrested. With the help of the old woman, they are able to escape the kingʼs guards and find shelter together with the king’s daughter. In the presence of the magical old woman, new horizons open up for the three fugitives, and they learn to surpass themselves. Together, Polly, Leif and Hagen now try to free the kingdom from its state of mourning and thus to reshape its future.

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