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Hidden Shadows

Original title: Geheime Schatten
German title: Geheime Schatten
46 min
German Focus
from 12 years
2022 | Chemnitz Festival Premiere
Direction: Stefan Westerwelle


2022 | German Focus

Additional Information

“Sometimes when I get up, it's like I have stones everywhere.” Nick has been feeling heavy and powerless for quite some time. Time and again, he feels sad for seemingly no reason. His performance at school has dropped sharply. In the middle of a basketball match, the twelve-year-old suddenly stops. Strange, root-like structures seem to quickly appear and branch out inexorably on the gym wall. Only he can see them. A voice keeps calling him. Day after day, the boy is plagued by these threatening visions. When he is alone at home, he keeps his eyes tightly shut for fear of being haunted by these visions. He does not want to confide in his parents or teachers. But Leni, his new classmate, seems to understand Nick, calling his visions shadows or “the Thing”. She encourages him to track down the Thing and find out what it wants. Together, they set out searching for it. With Leni’s help, Nick finally manages to muster the courage to face the Thing and his feelings.

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