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Unknown Treasures

Original title: Lobis
German title: Verborgene Schätze
78 min
Children´s Film
from 8 years
2022 | German Premiere
Direction: Agnė Marcinkevičiūtė


2022 | Children´s Film

Additional Information

Since the mother has to attend an important coaching course and the father has to finish his book, they send their daughter Austėja to the countryside. She is to spend a whole week with her grandparents, whom Austėja last saw many years ago. The isolated country house is located in a forest, so luckily she is allowed to take her friend Martynas with her. The grandparents call their paradise the “kingdom of frogs”, where there is a lake right by the house. This “kingdom” seems enchanted and mysterious, especially when the grandmother mentions that a treasure might be hidden at the bottom of the lake. Then a storm comes up during the night and the next morning the grandparents have disappeared. Left to themselves, Austėja and Martynas wander around until they discover a frog by the lake, swimming straight towards them and trailing a metal can behind. Inside there is a small wooden box with a golden key and a treasure map. An exciting treasure hunt begins, but the neighbourʼs children Ryte and Augustas are also after it.

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