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My Robot Brother

Original title: Robotbror
German title: Robotbruder
83 min
Junior Film
from 11 years
2022 | German Premiere
Direction: Frederik Meldal Nørgaard


2022 | Junior Film

Additional Information

Shy Alberte lives in a time when every child has a robot at his or her side as a personal assistant. However, hers is totally outdated. Robbi is sweet and nice, but he looks like a giant teddy bear and always tells the same fairy tales that Alberte might have liked when she was five. At school, most of her classmates have a G19 robot and make fun of her G13 model. But then, on her twelfth birthday, Alberte is given the very latest model from the SAPIO company, the humanoid G20. This new type, which Alberteʼs mother was only able to get thanks to her good connections, is called Konrad. He looks like a human and behaves like one too. At school, everyone is enthused about the handsome, obliging boy and suddenly wants to be friends with Alberte. She is even invited to a party at the G19 club – with Konrad, of course. While dancing, the two of them are encircled, and for the first time in her life, Alberte is the centre of attention. But one night, she discovers that Konrad conceals an unbelievable secret.

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