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The Sleeping Beast

Original title: Tagurpidi torn
German title: Schlafende Bestie
101 min
Junior Film
Estonia, Latvia
from 13 years
2022 | German Premiere
Direction: Jaak Kilmi


2022 | Junior Film

Additional Information

Ten-year-old Kristjan loves playing with his gang in the ruins of an abandoned industrial plant. Of course, this is strictly forbidden. But Kristjan, Siin, Loore, Ariel and Mia-Margot want to experience adventures in their deadly boring place and therefore climb through a hole in the fence every day. Loore even brings her little sister Lisandra along whenever she has to look after her – as she often does. The only obstacle is the old, rather cranky guard Elmar, who always chases the children out of the compound. He is said to be a drunkard and a psychopath. To get rid of him, Kristjan and his gang put a bottle of schnapps into his residential container. Then a tragedy happens. While playing in the ruins again, the children suddenly notice that Lisandra has disappeared. Panic-stricken, they search for the girl and chase the security guard – fearing that he might have done something to Lisandra. In the pursuit, Elmar falls into a deep pit. Fortunately, he remains unharmed, but he cannot free himself. Completely perplexed, the children swear not to tell anyone about it at the moment.

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