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The Räuber Hotzenplotz

Original title: Der Räuber Hotzenplotz
German title: Der Räuber Hotzenplotz
106 min
German Focus
Germany, Switzerland
from 8 years
2022 | Chemnitz Festival Premiere
Direction: Michael Krummenacher


2022 | German Focus

Additional Information

That’s impossible! While Kasperl and Seppel are busy working on their rocket, the wicked robber Hotzenplotz has stolen Grandma's coffee grinder. The two friends have to get the good piece back. Kasperl has a plan: a box with the inscription “Beware of no gold!” is to lure the robber and take them to his hiding place. But Hotzenplotz is not that stupid either. When he discovers the trap, he leads the boys into his cave via two different paths. There he can capture them calmly. But who is who? Kasperl is wearing Seppel’s hat and Seppel is wearing his friend’s red pointed cap. He couldn’t care less. The supposed Seppel is taken to the evil magician Petrosilius Zwackelmann, where he has to peel mountains of potatoes. The supposed Kasperl, on the other hand, is to lend the robber Hotzenplotz a hand. Meanwhile, the somewhat awkward constable Dimpfelmoser goes searching for the villain, to no avail. When Grandma is kidnapped and an enchanted fairy is discovered in Zwackelmann’s castle, an equally exciting and tricky adventure begins for everyone.

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