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Featuring Ella

Original title: Alle für Ella
German title: Alle für Ella
Ella ( Lina Larissa Strahl ),Anais ( Safira Robens ),Cahide ( Tijan Marei ),Malene Becker ( Romy ),Tim ( Lorenzo Germeno ),Lavinia Wilson ( Heike )
100 min
German Focus
from 14 years
2022 | Chemnitz Festival Premiere
Direction: Teresa Fritzi Hoerl


2022 | German Focus

Additional Information

Ella dreams of a career as a guitarist and singer. But first, she has to cram for her school-leaving exams, which she won’t pass anyway, and on the side, she has to work in the pizza tower or help her mother clean rich peopleʼs houses. Then a song contest is announced. Ella immediately forgets all her stress and wants to participate with her girl band “Virginia Woolfpack”. The band consists of Anaïs, Romy and Cahide, her “Best Friends Forever”, who are also ready to prepare for the contest. But there are exactly two problems. Firstly, they need a decent electric guitar, and secondly, they have one hell of a competitor, namely arrogant rapper alfaMK. His real name is Leon, and he has his own studio in the villa that Ella and her mother regularly clean. When Ella helps out there again, she sings a song in the studio all to herself. Leon comes along and secretly records it. He offers her a deal: She shall sell him her voice in exchange for his best guitar. This is the beginning of a series of entanglements and nearly the break-up of the BFFs and their band.

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