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Original title: Vacarme
German title: Krawall
77 min
Youth Film , Special Programme
2021 , 2022
from 13 years
2021 | Chemnitz Festival Premiere
Direction: Neegan Trudel
Script: Neegan Trudel, Jonathan Lemire


2021 | Youth Film

2022 | Special Programme

Additional Information
Philippe Roy
Marianne Langston
Maxime Fortin

13-year-old Émilie is thrown out of the house by her mother Karine. The overburdened, free-spirited artist reproaches the girl for robbing her of her muse. Émilie has to come to terms with her new home, a residential group for teenagers. For the first time, she is confronted with strict rules and authority. Émilie finds it difficult to control all her emotions and lapses into fits of rage. At first, she gets on badly with her rebellious roommate Ariel, but over time she takes on the role of a big sister for her. Meanwhile, Émilie has reconciled with self-centred Karine, but she is still not allowed to return home. She is disappointed, and she seeks out Renaud, a musician and Karine’s ex-boyfriend. They are on the same wavelength, and Renaud teaches her the basics of playing the guitar. A friend of Ariel’s gives her money to buy her own instrument. After a party gets out of hand, Émilie’s already precarious situation is thrown into disarray again. Only composing on the guitar gives her stability.

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