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The Seekers - Thrill Night

Original title: Forsvundet til Halloween
German title: Schauriges Halloween
88 min
Children´s Film
from 10 years
2022 | German Premiere
Direction: PhilipTh. Pedersen


2022 | Children´s Film

Additional Information

This year, everything is different on Halloween. Asgerʼs and Estherʼs families used to celebrate this spooky and funny holiday together. Now Asgerʼs father is missing, and his mother is not in a good mood. Moreover, Esther wants to go to a party without Asger the „loser”, while he is supposed to look after his younger sister Petra. When 
Asger quickly goes out to buy some make-up, a man dressed as a skeleton suddenly appears at the front door. He is asking for treats on behalf of his son, who is supposedly very shy. Unsuspecting Petra searches for sweets in the kitchen. Of course, she has no idea that this is a thief. Together with a crony, he takes advantage of the 
Halloween atmosphere to rob flats. As Petra resists, they kidnap the girl without hesitation and lock her up in an abandoned house on the outskirts of town. Asger, on the other hand, has to keep the fact that his sister has disappeared a secret from his worried mother. Without further ado, little Svend, dressed in a ghost costume, pretends to be Petra and sets out on an exciting search with Asger and Esther.

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