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The Path

Original title: Der Pfad
German title: Der Pfad
104 min
German Focus
Germany, Spain
from 12 years
2022 | Chemnitz Festival Premiere
Direction: Tobias Wiemann


2022 | German Focus

Additional Information

France, 1940: Twelve-year-old Rolf and his father Ludwig have gone into hiding while fleeing from the Nazis. Now they try to follow their mother illegally to New York. Ludwig has a plan: they will take the train to the French-Spanish border, “stroll” across the Pyrenees to Spain, then they are to continue to Portugal, and from there, a ship will take them to America. In Marseille, they receive forged passports and are later introduced to orphaned Núria in a Pyrenean village. The twelve-year-old girl is to lead them along a dangerous path over the mountains to Spain. They have to leave little dog Adi behind because it could betray them on the run. But Rolf has promised his mother to look after Adi. So he secretly takes the dog with him. Then the disaster really happens: a Waffen-SS commando suddenly appears in the middle of the mountains. Just at that moment, Adi is chasing after a hare. In order not to endanger Núria and Rolf, Ludwig turns himself in and is arrested. Now the two children have to fend for themselves.

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