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Mission Ulja Funk

Original title: Mission Ulja Funk
German title: Mission Ulja Funk
93 min
German Focus , Special Programme
2020 , 2021 , 2022
Germany, Luxembourg, Poland
from 10 years
2021 | Chemnitz Festival Premiere
Direction: Barbara Kronenberg


2020 | German Focus

2021 | German Focus

2022 | Special Programme

Additional Information

There seems to be no place for science in sleepy Lemheim, at least not in the Free Church parish. When twelve-year-old hobby astronomer Ulja gives a talk about asteroids during a children’s service, it simply gets cut off. Nobody believes her that she has discovered the small asteroid VR-24-1720; and even less that it will enter the earth’s atmosphere in exactly four days and hit Belarusian Patzschurk. Ulja’s deeply religious Russian-German grandmother Olga and pastor Brotz even fear that the girl has turned away from the “right faith in God” and lock up all her technical equipment without further ado. But Ulja is not put off by this. She hires her classmate Henk, who does not know much but is able to drive a car. He is to drive Ulja to Belarus in her family’s hearse. However, they do not know that there are two stowaways on board: chicken Miku and grandmother Olga in her nightgown. As if that weren’t enough, her parents and the church choir are also hot on their heels.

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