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Original title: SpaceBoy
German title: SpaceBoy
97 min
Junior Film
from 12 years
2021 | German Premiere
Direction: Olivier Pairoux
Script: Olivier Pairoux, Eusebio Larrea


2021 | Junior Film

Additional Information
Thomas Rentier
Maarten Janssens
Annabella Nezri, Bulletproof Cupid

After their mother Emma died, Jim’s daughters keep asking for stories. One of these stories is bestowed on us too: Science and especially outer space is Jim’s great passion inspired by his father, an astrophysicist. When he and his father move to a new town, Jim faces a problem: making friends is not exactly one of his strengths. That's when the school's science competition comes in handy. Jim is assigned to Emma, a delicate but curious girl. Although the two of them do not find common ground at first, Jim enthuses Emma with his crazy idea of building a hot air balloon and attempting a parachute jump on the edge of space, following the example of Kittinger’s “Excelsior” project. Like his father, who is soon to leave on a space mission, Jim wants to achieve something great, and for Emma it is a chance to prove that she is more than just a sick girl. When everything seems to fail, Emma realises: “Thanks to you, Jim, something has finally happened to me. I am free” – and they fly beyond all limits.

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