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26th International Film Festival

for Children and Young Audience

9 – 16 OCT 2021

Off Beat

Original title: Kammerflimmern
German title: Kammerflimmern
100 min
German Focus
from 15 years
Direction: Hendrik Hölzemann
Script: Hendrik Hölzemann
Cast: Matthias Schweighöfer, Jessica Schwarz, Jan-Gregor Kremp, Florian Lukas, Ulrich Noethen


2005 | German Focus

Additional Information
Lars R. Liebold
Lee Buddah, Blackmail

„Crash“ it‘s what they call him. Crash grew up with a scar on his face and a scar in his soul. When he‘s not out on the streets saving lives, he dreams. Of escaping. Of finding the young woman who always appears just before he wakes. One night, he comes face to face with the woman of his dreams: November is her name, her boyfriend has just died of an overdose, and she‘s a good eight months pregnant. But she‘s ready to go on with her life. And she makes Crash realize that he, too, has a life – one of his own, not just the one he is living for others.