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26th International Film Festival

for Children and Young Audience

9 – 16 OCT 2021


Corona Information

We also have to pay attention to the current situation: Of course the 25th IFF SCHLiNGEL will take place regarding then valid rules of distance and care of health for protection against covid-19. Please read the following advices carefully.

Programme changes because of covid-19

We point out that we have to strictly divide pupils from accredited guests. Because of that we can not permit entrance to the school events in the morning and early afternoon. As for that our programme on monday and tuesday is not as large-scaled as it was in the previous years and we recommend attendance from wednesday at the earliest.

Specifications and restrictions in travelling

Please consider in your registration that every participant has to organize his or her journey by him- / herself. We kindly ask you to inform yourself regarding possible travel restrictions and quarantine regulations for which we can not take responsibility. Even though we would love to welcome as much friends and partners as possible, we have to advice against travelling. As an alternative you can accredit as “professionals online” and watch a big part of our films on a video on demand-platform. All those who want to take the risks of travelling by themselves we will of course warmly welcome in Chemnitz.


Only those who are currently professional active as a filmmaker or representative of the film industry, of cultural institutions or other film festivals can apply for an accreditation. When picking up your accreditation, please provide evidence.

Professionals online

With your accreditation for “professionals online” you get personalized access to our VoD-platform. Within this you can watch a big part of the films we screen in Chemnitz. Access is only granted during our festival week from 11th to 17th October. Our terms of use (PDF 471 kB) and data protection (PDF 304 kB) rules are valid.

Press Accreditation

Journalists from all media sectors (print, online, TV, radio, web TV, photography) and PR agents of the festival films can apply for a press accreditation. When you pick up your accreditation, we ask you to provide proof of your activities, including previous festival publications of IFF SCHLiNGEL.


The festival accreditation includes free access to all film screenings of the SCHLiNGEL excluding school events and the video library as well as one festival catalogue. For any additional copy we will charge 5,00 EUR. This accreditation also includes participation in the following events: opening & award ceremonies, closing party. Please note that only a restricted number of guests can be permitted to the aforementioned events so participation can not be granted.

The accreditation for the SCHLiNGEL Industry Forum allows free access to all industry events of the festival excluding treatment pitchings with the children’s jury. We reserve ourselves the right to limit access to all industry-events.

Personal data
Adress data
Communication data
I would like to book a room in one of the festival hotels. (single: 65,00 EUR; double: 85,00 EUR)
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Hotel room
If you would like to book a double room, please give the name of the second person.

Please note on photo and video recording

During the festival photo and film recordings are made at events (such as workshops, panel discussions, receptions, film screenings etc.). By participating, you agree to an unrestricted use of these photos and videos in unmodified or modified form (retouching without significant changes) for editorial reasons of a non commercial purpose by the organizer or authorised third parties in all media, both online and offline.