23 International Film Festival

1 - 7 OCT 2018 in Chemnitz

for Children and Young Audience


Welcoming Addresses

Stanislaw Tillich | Minister President of the Free State of Saxony

“This is a really great show” mostly refers to large-scale events outside the cinema. But these are often only one-time efforts. On the other hand, the commitment to the international children’s and youth film festival SCHLINGEL is of long-term duration. Already for the 22nd time, it offers its young audience really great cinema shows: exciting stories, which stimulate cheering, compassion, laughter and also thinking; stories from other countries that make us familiar with strangers or make the familiar look foreign to us.

In addition, SCHLINGEL provides an internationally acclaimed stage for the producers and actors of these films and offers the specialist audience a platform for high-profile exchange. In film projects, children and young people can produce films themselves and learn media techniques. Last but not least, the film festival travels abroad to present German children’s and youth films.

This is quite a great show indeed, every year anew. This is why I am glad to take over the patronage of this wonderful Saxon cultural festival every year anew. I would like to thank the organisers in festival director Michael Harbauer’s team for their great commitment, which has been the basis for developing the SCHLINGEL festival as an internationally renowned event. Above all, I wish all young and adult festival visitors many wonderful hours in front of the big screen.

Stanislaw Tillich

Prof. Monika Grütters | Minister of State in the Federal Chancellery and Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media

“All you need is a little faith, trust and pixie dust,” says Peter Pan in the film version of James Matthew Barrie’s classic children’s books Peter Pan. The story of a boy who never grows up has enchanted generations.

Who would not have liked the little fellow to be a friend, who would not have loved to fly with him to Neverland – the place of great adventures, where everything is possible if you wish for it?
The Peter Pan of the 21st century could surely be called SCHLINGEL. Once a year, the Chemnitz children's and youth film festival takes its young audience to its own “Neverland” – to the local cinemas, where in 2017 again, a great selection of high-quality, imaginative children’s and youth film productions from around the world will take the viewers into foreign everyday worlds and distant lifeworlds.

Fully reflecting the spirit of Peter Pan, SCHLINGEL is a valuable contribution towards giving children trust and confidence, stimulating their imagination, and imparting open-mindedness and tolerance to them. I would like to thank the festival director Michael Harbauer and his team for their great commitment!

I wish all visitors – especially the young cineastes – unforgettable days in Chemnitz, where “a little pixie dust” will certainly remain stuck.

Prof. Monika Grütters

Barbara Ludwig | Lord Mayoress of the city of Chemnitz

Dear festival goers,
This year again, Chemnitz is in the limelight of children's and youth film culture at the SCHLINGEL film festival. The 22nd edition of the film festival invites all interested parties to watch exciting films, have stimulating conversations and take part in join-in activities. The international range of this film festival is impressive: 181 films from a total of 54 different countries were presented last year.

This year the SCHLINGEL film festival has a new item on its agenda. The “SCHLINGEL Industry Forum” has been established, a specialist forum for creative minds from the film business to meet producers, festival organisers and cinema operators. This shall be a basis for stimulating discussions and new film projects. Especially the increasing “Hollywoodisation” is threatening film scene creativity and has been highlighted from scientific, economic and educational perspectives in order to find alternatives and solutions.

I would like to thank all the organisers for starting the SCHLINGEL festival, making it a great success and bringing together a considerable number of people for watching its films. Together with you, dear visitors, dear competitors, I am looking forward to watching the films on a variety of topics tonight.

Barbara Ludwig

Michael Sagurna | President of the Media Council of SLM

Since a European children’s jury awarded the best film and selected the best leading actor for the first time in Chemnitz in 2003, we have learned a lot about the kind of films and the film heroes children love. A good story and its perfect implementation alone is not enough for children. They distinguish films which interest them, which are convincing because they appeal to them. The origin of a film and “political correctness” play no role in the evaluation by the children’s jury. Only the wish that everything will turn out all right in the end runs like a red thread through all prize-winning films. Children love this illusion, but they mean the reality!

Unfortunately, most of the children's and youth films are hardly available for longer than a festival or as occasional supporting programmes. The SCHLINGEL is a great and honourable exception.

I think children’s film makers and children’s film festivals should receive much more support from politics, the media and the economy, also for the purpose of offering their films to a wide audience on the internet. This is not primarily a matter of money, but of public perception and appreciation. I wish all of you a good week, in which we will worry, hope and firmly believe that everything will be all right in the end.

Michael Sagurna

Michael Harbauer | Festival Director

This year 158 films from 51 countries will give a face to the SCHLINGEL festival. Galerie Roter Turm with the CineStar central movie theater will host the festival center and the film bar for the seventh time. For the first time, the “Long Night of Short Films” will provide the framework for an original award ceremony of the best short films and will take place in the oldest active movie theater, the Kino Metropol Chemnitz, on Wednesday of the festival week. On Tuesday, Astoria Filmpalast in Zwickau will celebrate its premiere as a festival venue. For three days, highlights of the program will be shown in the town on the river Mulde according to the motto “short ways for short legs”.

SCHLINGEL is backed by the “Industry Forum”, organized for the first time with the support of the Saxon State Chancellery and Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung. The forum is to establish itself as an industry meeting of creative minds of the film industry, i.e. producers, festival organizers, distributors and cinema operators, to exchange information, discuss what is happening in the scene, initiate new projects and/or further develop existing ones. In cooperation with the Saxon State Ministry of Cultural Affairs and the Saxon Education Agency a conference for teachers from all over Saxony will be held during the festival for the fifth time.

The European Children’s Jury will be appointed for the 15th time already – this year with 18 children from nine different countries of our continent. This jury is going to award the European Children’s Film Prize of the Saxon Minister of Cultural Affairs endowed with 12,500 € for the third time. In cooperation with Synchron- und Tonstudio Leipzig (STL), this dubbing award is to sustainably promote the introduction of the winning film into the German cinema scene beyond the festival. The redesigned SCHLINGEL IKEA lounge right next to the festival center will invite festival guests to relax between the film screenings.

Thanks to the great commitment of the co-organizers of Sächsische Landesmedienanstalt (SLM), the main prize of the professional jury will be endowed with a total of 10,000 € . 1,000 € of these will be granted as a recognition of the director’s work and 9,000 € as an advancement award to support a German cinema release or television emission, especially for a German-language dubbed version of the film. Another prize is the Award of the City of Chemnitz endowed with 5,000 € also intended to support a synchronization. The Central German Broadcasting Corporation will award a special prize of up to 6,000 € for the “Best European Children’s Film”.

Traditionally SCHLINGEL pays particular attention to current children’s and youth film productions in geopolitical Eastern Europe. This year again, this special focus will concern all sections of the festival.

“SCHLINGEL Goes on Holiday” is the program extending the festival by two weeks already for the fourth time. In Kino Metropol and in Kinderfilmhaus, the best children’s film productions of last year will be presented during the autumn holidays.

The 22nd SCHLINGEL will start on 25 September. After last year’s successful start, the opening ceremony of the current festival edition will again be held at the Chemnitz Opera House. We give all festival guests a warm welcome and wish them a pleasant and interesting time.

Michael Harbauer