22 International Film Festival

25 SEP - 1 OCT 2017 in Chemnitz

for Children and Young Audience


Welcoming Addresses

Stanislaw Tillich | Minister President of the Free State of Saxony

As the patron, I cordially welcome all young and old film fans to the 21st SCHLINGEL Film Festival in Chemnitz. It has become a firmly established event, which is known far beyond Saxony as Germany’s largest children’s and youth film festival. This is no coincidence: its secret is the successful combination of competition, framework program and just watching movies.

The SCHLINGEL film festival owes its broad impact to film subsidy in two directions: international films are screened in the competitions in Germany and German productions of the “Focus Germany” category are also shown abroad. I particularly like this view from two directions, which is important: thus children and young people are taken on a journey to distant lands and cultures at the cinema, they hear other languages and music; and they learn infinitely much about lifestyles and religions of people around the world.

I am curious about the new ecumenical jury, who will award their prize to films and filmmakers that are committed to a respectful and peaceable conduct of people of different cultures and religions. I thank all organizers, helpers and sponsors for their commitment and wish all visitors exciting and entertaining cinema experience.

Stanislaw Tillich

Prof. Monika Grütters | Minister of State in the Federal Chancellery and Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media

Erich Kästner, one of Germany’s most famous children’s book writers, once said: “To become like a child again is a quest that cannot be accomplished, but we can try to prevent our children to become like us.” These words sound like an incentive for children’s book authors and children’s filmmakers whose stories encourage many children to go their own way, open up new horizons and still give orientation and stability. Every year the Chemnitz SCHLINGEL film festival makes a wonderful and high-class selection of international children’s and youth films. For a whole week, contributions from different nations and in different languages are screened. They not only invite the young audience to wander into the distance on the wings of imagination, but they also show the daily lives of many children around the world – their concerns, ways of life and their wishes.

The SCHLINGEL deserves the distinction of being one of the most prestigious children and youth film festivals in Germany also for its extensive media education program and its outstanding commitment to cultural education.
I wish the festival director Michael Harbauer and his team a successful festival week and all visitors – especially the young audience – an unforgettable cinematic experience.

Prof. Monika Grütters

Barbara Ludwig | Lord Mayoress of the city of Chemnitz

Dear movie fans,

for more than 100 years, moving images have triggered fascination in people. This enthusiasm, coupled with the energy and creativity of the SCHLINGEL team, has made the Children’s and Youth Film Festival a success story across the European borders since 1996. I am glad to welcome you, dear children and dear adults, to the cinemas of Chemnitz.

This year again, films will be awarded prizes in various categories. The main prize of the city of Chemnitz is part of the established repertoire, just as the award of European Children’s Jury. This year 179 productions from 54 countries will be shown. And that’s the beauty of the festival: children and young people get to know different cultures while sitting in the cinema. Afterwards, they can talk to the actors or discuss what they have seen in workshops. Thus interests and understanding are awakened.

I wish the film festival organizers much success, quality time and enthusiastic children’s eyes. Dear audience from Chemnitz, I wish you good entertainment at the 21st International Film Festival SCHLINGEL. And I wish you, dear children, a lot of fun and pleasure.

Yours sincerely
Barbara Ludwig

Michael Sagurna | President of the Media Council of SLM

The time has come to open the 21st Film Festival for Children and Young Audience.

This is a dream, as for a whole long week here in Chemnitz, there will be cinema just for children. Some of the young visitors have been faithful to the SCHLINGEL for many years; others will be in eager anticipation of their first visit to this wonderful festival.

Unfortunately, those dreams still remain unattainable for the majority of the children living on our planet. Political, economic and religious isms prevent them, and often adults too, from experiencing the magic of a cinema film. They do not know the excitement of getting involved in the stories told and of learning how to solve the tricky situations the film heroes are trapped in.

The children of the international children’s jury have a very important and far-reaching task to fulfil during this film week. No matter what color they are, what language they speak or what faith they have, they must jointly choose the best festival film and present the result in public. This requires a lot of courage.
May the participating children carry on the message that freedom of expression and conflict resolution with arguments can work out in the real world; if only adults would finally cease to insult and offend one another and to resolve their disputes by means of brutal violence.

The international children’s jury is a good example of how to work together peacefully in order to resolve problems. The selected festival films are supposed to make children strong. However, the SCHLINGEL also wants children to remain children, and it is our common responsibility to actively support exactly this cause.

Michael Sagurna

Michael Harbauer | Festival Director

This year 173 films from 54 countries will enter the SCHLINGEL stage. In addition there are 6 productions of the “CineStar meets SCHLINGEL” series. Galerie Roter Turm will house the central movie theater, the festival center, the film bar and the festival restaurant for the sixth time. The “Long Night of Short Films” will return to the Galerie. And the new SCHLINGEL IKEA lounge right next to the festival center will invite festival guests to relax between the film screenings.

In cooperation with the Saxon State Ministry of Cultural Affairs and the Saxon Education Agency a conference for teachers from all over Saxony will be held during the festival for the fourth time. Committee meetings of the European Children’s Film Association (ECFA) and the Federal Association for Youth and Film (BJF) have also become an integral part of the festival programme. After a successful trial run in the last two years 7 film productions still in the making will grant us an insight into their work in progress in the new section “Coming Soon” supported by Creative Europe Desk Berlin-Brandenburg.

The European Children’s Jury will be appointed for the 14th time already – this year with 16 children from eight different countries of our continent. This jury is going to award the European Children’s Film Prize of the Saxon Minister of Cultural Affairs endowed with 12,500 Euros for the second time. In cooperation with Synchron- und Tonstudio Leipzig (STL), this dubbing award is to sustainably promote the introduction of the winning film into the German cinema scene beyond the festival.
Thanks to the great commitment of the co-organisers of Sächsische Landesmedienanstalt (SLM), the main prize of the professional jury will be endowed with a total of 10,000 Euros this year. 1,000 Euros of these will be granted as a recognition of the director’s work and 9,000 Euros as an advancement award to support a German cinema release or television emission, especially for a German-language dubbed version of the film. Another prize is the Award of the City of Chemnitz endowed with 5,000 Euros also intended to support a synchronization. The Central German Broadcasting Corporation will award a special prize of up to 6,000 Euros for the “Best European Children’s Film”.

It is a great pleasure for the SCHLINGEL festival to honor Hermann Zschoche, a filmmaker with a great passion for children’s and youth films. Productions like “Seven Fvreckles”, “Swan Island”, “Philipp the Small” and “Lütt Matten and the White Shell” arose from Hermann Zschoche’s direction.

Traditionally SCHLINGEL pays particular attention to current children’s and youth film productions in geopolitical Eastern Europe. This year again, this special focus will concern all sections of the festival. To mark the 50th anniversary of the twinning between the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana and the SCHLINGEL hometown, three brand new Slovenian feature films will enrich the programme.

“SCHLINGEL on Holiday” is the program extending the festival by two weeks already for the third time. In the Kinderfilmhaus, the best children’s film productions of last year will be presented during the autumn holidays.

The 21st SCHLINGEL will start on 26 September. For the first time the opening ceremony will be held at the Chemnitz Opera House. We give all festival guests a warm welcome edition in Chemnitz and wish them a pleasant and interesting time.

Michael Harbauer